Fashion and Photography

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

—Bill Cunningham, 
Street Style Photographer

My mother had been a model in Montreal, Canada. That exposure to the modeling industry would be passed on to me as a child in Cocoa Beach, Florida when my mother would book me as one of her models in her fundraising ‘style shows’ within our community. That childhood experience was the beginning of my modeling industry career that would be a common thread throughout my life. 

I was also taught her how to sew and knit by my mother, which ignited my passion to become a fashion designer. It was a spectacular way to enjoy my imagination with color, design and textures as I tried to cope within a traumatic household. MINNIE (my childhood nickname) was the label that I used for all my designs for my babydolls, Barbies and for myself as a teenager. 

Although I was intrigued with photography it never occurred to me to photograph my fashion designs. I was convinced that I’d become a professional fashion designer and that would not involve photography on my part. It was only the design and creation of my ideas that intrigued me in those earlier years.

Although I had been passionate about fashion design, life’s events would redirect destiny. While living in Chicago I was blessed with the holy grail of careers – starting as the Studio Manager for the renowned fashion photographer, Stan Malinowski. At that time I began to truly understand the magical connection between fashion, model and photography. Stan's 'eye' would train my 'eye' about beauty, composition, luxury and elegance within the vibrant international world of Haute Couture. 

After having had learned a great deal as a model and as a client, it made sense for me to evolve into becoming a model agent. I can proudly boast that I’ve had over thirty-five years working within the world of international fashion model management and I thoroughly enjoy sharing all of my insights with my audiences.


Marie Anderson