“Together we build spirited, tenacious, wholesome individuals through collaboration.”


Creative Consulting

“I can't think of anyone who even comes close to Marie in being able to provide a world‑class education in beauty, fashion and modeling, while at the same time building self‑esteem and caring for the heart and soul. This is why I entrusted the girl that I love the most in this world, my daughter, to her enlightened care.”

—Austin Vickers,
Writer and Producer,
People v. The State of Illusion


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Creatives Coach

Marie P. Anderson has over thirty-five years of being an international fashion model agent, client and fashion model. She is considered a mentor by many within the industry, and has provided guidance and helped direct thousands of careers in positive and successful directions. Her work has included counseling and coaching a multitude of creative people in different capacities, models, photographers, hairdressers, make-up artists, wardrobe stylists and fellow agents. The insight that she has gained from her many years as an industry insider it affords her the unique opportunity to coach and collaborate with her private coaching clients.


Marie P. Anderson’s eye for scouting beauty is legendary within the international fashion model industry. She is continuously looking for unique new faces, particularly youthful men and women with great personalities that have something special to offer the industry. 

Executive Producer

Marie P. Anderson has demonstrated her expertise in action by collaborating with various artists to produce videos within the modeling industry. 


“I went to Marie for an assessment of my portfolio. I was expecting to receive a harsh critique as the industry is somewhat unforgiving to novices. However it was quite opposite with Marie. Her delivery of advice comes from a warm and caring place and within minutes we were laughing and smiling and exchanging banter. She is a versatile creative coach who can offer input tailored to you as an artist.”

—David Cutrano, photographer

“I've known Marie for over 20 years. She was THE integral part of me becoming and remaining a model. She taught me that fashion/modeling is a business and I should run my career as one. It wasn't easy to understand as an 18 year old, but it turned out to be the wisest advice I received. Marie's wisdom is timeless. Her life experiences bring a humanness and a genuineness to running a business/fashion career. I've always respected and trusted her for that. There is a wealth of knowledge in Marie and I continue to tap into it!”

—Angie Kwietniewski, model

“I am grateful to have had Marie as a great mentor early on in my career as a makeup artist. She encouraged me to develop my own style and enlightened me on certain aspects of the fashion and beauty industry that would assist me in viewing my career, not only as a unique artistry but as a business. Marie is a gem of a person with a wealth of information to share!”

—Maureen Burke, makeup artist