“Marie P. Anderson is top-notch. She is both informative and motivating. Her extensive knowledge of the industry and her refreshing down-to-earth approach make her seminars a truly enjoyable and memorable experience for all.”




Marie P. Anderson is an internationally published author and former fashion model with several decades of experience scouting, developing and managing fashion models from inside every Chicago top fashion model agency. Currently, she dedicates her time to coaching her model clients, public speaking, scouting and managing her fashion models as an independent agent, as well as producing model coaching videos with her online company, Boss Babe Models.

Marie is often described as a dynamic force of nature with an intense passion to empower anyone that she meets. This higher purpose in life evolved in childhood as she worked alongside her mother, Marcelle, through their community activism. At that time Marie became aware of her individual responsibility to do whatever it took to live in solutions while addressing that era’s pressing social issues.

Entering into the professional fashion business as an adult, Marie quickly became aware of both the exciting, glamorous side of the industry and the darker side, where quite often the human rights of the models weren't considered or addressed openly which led to hostile work environments and ongoing sexual impropriety. Having been a fashion model and client as a studio manager, she was profoundly empathetic to her models and became determined to do better for them other than accepting that status quo. The areas that concerned her then are the same that concern her now, including the rampant eating disorders and drug & alcohol abuse that develop from the traumas being sustained by the models.

Marie’s ambition is to continually develop socially conscious and responsible entrepreneurs with a focus on positive body image and an emphasis on the core values of Integrity, Faith & Courage. She openly shares her colorful personal and professional experiences with anyone interested in learning more about life within the global fashion model industry. By sharing her authentic self, it aids in focusing everyone on the attitude of positive mental health, while empowering their dignity and self-worth. She is well known for breaking down barriers and creating a sense of innate trust. She is considered a mentor by many and has helped guide the direction of thousands of lives in positive ways.

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